Leadership | Making it Work | Planning in Action | Deciding

Learn how to assess & improve your skills with people, processes and resources within an ever-changing innovative work environment.

This includes

New or experienced leaders and managers continually upgrade their knowledge in order to plan, execute and evaluate their own performance and their team performance.

Team Renewal

Gain more Cohesion | Get Focus | Share the Purpose

As a team, build and explore advanced team-work techniques to meet and beat workflow challenges.

This includes

Even the best plan in the world needs motivated people to put it into practice.

Customised Professional Development

Tailored Consulting|Your Goals | Your Way

We are constantly asked to create and shape customised professional development for unique occasions. Please just ask!

Clients tailor our services for

We work with you to achieve the professional outcomes you require.

Socially Intelligent Teams

Enhanced team interactions | know your personalities

This is for those who have a team with good skills and expertise but would like to work better with each other, with other people in their organization and with their stakeholders

This includes

Successful teams have often been found to have a a large number of socially intelligent team members. This leads to better productivity and a higher staff-retention of team-members.

Communication Style & Personality

Know Your Personalities | Manage your Interactions | Relate Effectively

Benefit from agreeing on the nature and timing of interactions which work for everyone, including customers and stakeholders.

This includes

It is usually best to notice the elephant before it even enters the room.

Risk Management

Spot Red Flags | Identify Solutions | Make an Impact

Tailored for busy project and implementation teams who are committed to deliver clear outcomes, and who need practical everyday techniques for seeing and removing blockages.

This includes

Experience shows that we can all increase our chances of success by removing known or hidden obstacles.

Managing Remote Teams

Communicate | Collaborate | Be a Team

Proactively manage your ‘Hot Desking’, your geographically dispersed teams/organization, your flexible work practices. Learn techniques which will bring alignment, cohesion and maintain delivery of outcomes within this fluid environment.

This includes

In the last ten years the traditional notion of what makes a team has radically changed. We need to adapt and implement new ways of working with others.

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