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Is your inbox exactly the way you like it?

Most people are so busy doing their work, that they don’t have time to make Outlook really work for them (usually they feel like they are being run by their inbox)!

In 90 minutes you will

This practical online course, is written by a Microsoft Accredited trainer, and a trainer who has coached more than 2,000 people over 15 years

It is designed so you can make immediate changes to  your current (and future !) inbox, and get access to the best most practical tips, on-the-spot.

You can expect to

We know that you need time and space to invest in your own capacity, so:

Once you enrol in this online course  you will have

Although you as an individual will benefit, we have found this course works best when teams go through together

The return to you will be much higher if you and your colleagues start to work in a new way consistently, rather than one person  being a lone voice

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Quick tune-up Courses
(Online or in-person)
Smart Teams | Team Cohesion | Focus | Shared Purpose

Does your team need a boost? You will become a high-performing team who work even more collaboratively, support each other’s need to focus, and achieve team outcomes.

Personally you become more resilient, and as a team you will move quickly to greater levels of focus, collaboration, achievement and confidence.

This involves

After the course most participants say they now have 25% more strategies to give practical support and leadership to colleagues (online and real time).

You’ve Got Personality
(Online or in-person)
My Personality | Your Personality | Team Personality

You can identify the communication patterns you bring to work. As well as exploring the match between yourself and your colleagues, you will clarify how to value and capitalise on the differences in your team.

This involves

Participants and whole teams can work with

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI)

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

We tailor a range of other approaches to achieve your objectives. This informative and dynamic workshop is shaped for your needs.

Social & Emotionally Intelligent Team Work
Impact |Alignment | Rapport

Your team’s people-skills and Influencing skills need to be mastered if you are to progress from ‘functional’ to excellent. Teams and individuals who have this tune-up course, get a rapid increase in successful interactions and communication.

This involves

Although subject matter expertise is a key ingredient in a team’s success, research is now showing that positive, socially-intelligent interactions between team members and with other stakeholders is just as important as specific knowledge.

360° Feedback
Be Challenged | Be Developed | Be Informed

Focus on your own development. Shift from‘good’ to excellent in your leadership. A proactive and effective opportunity to gain insight from others on aligning and fine-tuning your performance. This process will help to install a culture of development, feedback loops and boost your effectiveness.

This involves

Effective leaders are constantly searching for sources that will give them accurate information. When it comes to your personal effectiveness the 360° framework has become a go-to approach for doing just that

Resilience Readiness
Rational | Real | Resourced

Resilience-The ability to recover quickly from difficulty (Oxford Living Dictionary).

This course helps you strengthen team capacity, support growth and engagement that is positive, optimistic and meaningful while accomplishing tough goals.

This involves

Research over thirty years has identified specific resilience skills and how to build them in individuals and teams. Teams who proactively increase their locus of control are more balanced, aligned and sought-after.

Advanced Presentation Skills
Target| Engage| Impact

Receive useful and powerful techniques for effectively impacting your audience.

This course helps you strengthen team capacity, support growth and engagement that is positive, optimistic and meaningful while accomplishing tough goals.

This involves

This practical & dynamic workshop is for you if you would like to improve your impact on others. The ‘audience’ may be at team or meeting level, or for presentations to large audiences where a specific outcome is needed.

Managing Remote Teams

Are you and your team working hard but still not getting enough time to truly collaborate? If you have modern flexible work practices, remote colleagues, open-plan office, part-time work, working from home or you are just crazy busy, you will benefit from this training.

This involves

This training is tailored closely to meet the flexible needs of your team. By using latest research on flexible work, you will enhance your team culture and your capacity to be up-to-date and well-connected.

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