I know you only have a minute….

So what am I about?
I provide you with bespoke and specialised coaching and facilitation:

individual and for your teams of any size.
It can be about your career development, beating obstacles, executing productive collaboration, boosting team interaction, planning days- just ask!

Do I know what I’m doing in this space?
Absolutely! I’ve worked with more than a thousand people in the past, designing practical solutions.

Do I have the credentials to back me?
A Masters in Human Resources (Training and Development). I have many other quals to inform and boost the training you request. Checkout our Accreditations page.

I live in the nation’s Capital, with Reba & Mini Foxie Phoebe. I was once a Sydney boy so happy in either town.

My interests are preferably steep bush walks, composing music and playing in a band with my mates, having friends over. For solitude I focus on Rubik’s cube, or on writing my insights and applications in HR and psychology research.



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